Attack Detection system

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Attack Detection system

Postby Apples » 07 Jan 2015, 7:40

Hi just noticed the bot does not give the correct return time of enemy troops when he is attacking my village.

This is what the bot reads for the attack

Arrival time: 2015.01.07 03:46:26.890
Return time: 2015.01.07 05:47:11.890

when it should be

Incoming attack land time Jan 07, 2015 03:46:26:890
Incoming attack returns home Jan 07, 2015 05:47:11:000

this is because attacks return at 000 Miliseconds and are always rounded down. I know this is a minor issue but if you could fix it i would appreciate it.

Also do you plan on adding a backtiming and sniping tool to the attack detection tool?


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Re: Attack Detection system

Postby h3h3y9 » 13 Jan 2015, 13:59

It is absolutely unnecessary to fix this?

Everyone knows that return time are always rounded to an integer...
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Re: Attack Detection system

Postby Apples » 13 Jan 2015, 17:06

i disagree. Its a minor tweak and wouldnt be that hard to fix. When you pay money for something the product should be somewhat professionally done.
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Re: Attack Detection system

Postby hex4bot » 17 Jan 2015, 21:11

you are right, it is easy to fix,

However I'm not sure if on each world on each tribawars country site this value is rounded down(floor) to seconds. That is why I left it as it is, because like you said, if you know that this value is rounded down(you can observe your own commands) then you will know how to see this return time value in a correct way.
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Re: Attack Detection system

Postby Sitaga » 26 Jan 2015, 17:17

Hex - you are correct, it is not always a floor value on every world. It is not a public setting either - so it would have to be tested on every server and every world for you to set it.

I believe a user that is using your tool should be able to figure this out for the world they are playing on.
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Re: Attack Detection system

Postby apsrising » 07 Jan 2016, 6:21

Hi I have an issue on the auto-detection system, maybe I'm just doing this wrong. Please help me, why am I getting incoming noble reports when there are none actually. The unit speed setting is correct I just checked
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