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Reserve army

Postby lokat » 25 Mar 2014, 2:50

Can you make an option to reserve an army from sending to farm a village?

The way this bot act now when you have multiple village in 1 task,

1) If Automatic Interval Calculation (AIC) set to YES
- The bot will send army to one village, then wait until the army come back home, then send back to second village and so forth.

2) If AIC set to NO and specified certain interval is set (let say 15 seconds)
- The bot will send army to one village, then wait 15 seconds and send another to second village and so on.. until there's no more army left in the village.
- for example if:
I have 200 lc.
40 villages in the task.
2 lc per village

so basically, 80 lc should do the job to farm 40 villages. but, this bot will continue to send the lc until all my lc are out to these villages. To me, this is good because I don't have to keep my army in the village doing nothing but instead they are sent to farm a village.

But the problem is when I want to add another task using the same type of army to another village for example 10 lc for specific another village, The task cannot be completed because all of my lc are sent to farm for task 1.

It will be great if I have an option to reserve my army from sending a farm for task 1, then the reserved army could be use to do task 2 or for any other purposes.
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Re: Reserve army

Postby hex4bot » 30 Mar 2014, 20:49

i think that this is hard to write cuz your troops may be already on the way to barbs when you start bot,
but i can count only those which was send and are on the way to barb, so you set "Max traveling units count" on attack, and bot will be counting how much it already send for that task, bot know when troops should return, so bot will know how much troops is traveling at the moment, and before sending troops to next barb it could check those two values "Max traveling units count" and "Send troops and traveling"

i will add it on my todo list, but with low priority - i think that this will not be needed when "intelligent farmer" will be written
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Re: Reserve army

Postby Fiend » 02 Apr 2014, 20:09

A workaround is to set time interwall of you last village to a greater number like send inter wall to all 15 sec and the 2 hours on the last village.
With this it will send you forces and after last village it will wait 2 hours before it start sending again.
This should save some troops to your other mission.
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