x64 bit version of bot

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x64 bit version of bot

Postby coolnite7 » 16 Apr 2014, 23:25


By chance would it be possible to get a x64 bit version of the bot it I would like to see if that makes a difference than running the x32 bit version as far as memory and cpu usage being utilized correctly.

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The reason I have asked for x64 version is because for most we are all operating under windows x64 here are a few reason why I believe bot will run a bit more efficient:

1. 64bit and 32bit(aka x86) mainly describes how the OS can handle and address RAM

2. they represent the number of addresses that can be accessed in terms of binary:
- for 32bit, this is 2^32 roughly 4 billion or 4gb of ram
- for 64bit, this is 2^64 4 billion times that of a 32bit system (of course we don't actually use nearly that much)
- When the machine looks for memory, in a 64-bit processor it uses a 64-bit address register (2^64 addresses, 2305843009213693952 bytes) versus a 32-bit address register (2^32 addresses, 536870912 bytes). So right off, you can address more memory, both per process and total.
- When an application needs to move data between the processor and memory, it does so in 64-bit chunks instead of 32-bit chunks. If there is a lot of data, this results in better performance.

3. The difference in amount of resources might be small but, in terms of performance, it's only when you get to large programs that require much more than 4gb of memory where 32bit starts to slow (when it runs out of RAM, the program must start using the hard drive, which is much slower) might be the cause of a lot of people reporting CPU Usage there.

4. The main difference of course is memory and memory management. Besides the huge increase in supported RAM, 64-bit programs can use more RAM than an equivalent 32-bit one can in a 32-bit OS.

5. The biggest (and really only) factor is speed x64 bit operating systems are usually around 10% faster than their 32 bit counterparts. That may not sound like a lot, but in average processing, it's a huge difference.

Compiling a x64 shouldn't be that hard at all in most cases and I'm not saying to get rid of the x32/86 version but have the option for user to choose to really set your bot apart from all the others.

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Re: x64 bit version of bot

Postby hex4bot » 15 May 2014, 18:25

i use 3rd party libraries - some of them are x32, i will have to look for x64 ones - some of them i suppose are available in x64 too, but still i takes time to prepare and maintain 2 versions - for now i will keep developing x32, once most functions will be done i will do x64 as well
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