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An Addition To Map

Postby coolnite7 » 17 Apr 2014, 19:18

Something that would be cool to have is the ability to monitor growth in your area of players and/or barb/bonus villages. Having this options does 2 things:

1. It allows you to see how many points (hourly) a player is growing.
2. It allows you to see if a player gets attacked you can basically add them to your farming group instead of assuming and having to look up on TW Stats.

I think to make it easier if you had an option to monitor villages or players it would be easier for say if a barb/bonus has a wall instead of farming that village we will know that someone attacked it leaving us to assume that they knocked down the wall before you attacked it.

On another note:
Also on the detect an attack option maybe adding an annoying sound so that if we are sleeping and have the bot up and farming/building we are able to hear when a attack get detected because of the sound. For those that might not want the sound there can be a mute option as well.
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Re: An Addition To Map

Postby therealkj » 20 Apr 2014, 7:35

Both of these ideas are awesome, especially the growth monitor.. Very nice.
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Re: An Addition To Map

Postby hex4bot » 15 May 2014, 19:00

ye, those ideas are great - i like sound alarm :)

this 1. growth option is good, i though about other option, 2. when "village change player(owner) - it is conquered" do a bot report - in that you you will be able to fast renoble or wipe deff troops because there is no walls :)

and for those options, there will be "check radius property" - bot will check only villas within eg. 30 fields range from your villages(because you dont care about villas which are far away from your villas, or whole world :) right)
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