Specialty features

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Specialty features

Postby therealkj » 24 Apr 2014, 1:30

I was thinking maybe you could charge people a certain amount of money for something that they would like on the next update of the bot. This would A) Allow you to make more money, which isn't a bad thing, and B) Give you more of a reason to add a lot of extra goodies onto the bot, and C) Would increase the users of the bot because there would end up being many many different nifty tricks and gizmos that the bot could do instead of the usual that we have now.
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Re: Specialty features

Postby hex4bot » 15 May 2014, 18:53

this is good idea, but i think that simply selling keycards if enough,

the bot progress is slow because i don't have too much time currently - i'm learing and passing exam certifications. I want to move from poland to uk(in september) and find there a job - without any problem(currenlty i passed 3 exams, 2 more left, first one in end of may, and second one in end of june). Once i do it, i will have to improve my english skills - but in that point i will have much more time to improve/develop bot - and trully i want to do it because i see users feedback and i need those functions by myself :)
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