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Suggestion to the farmbot

Postby pille2 » 17 May 2014, 10:14

The farmbot imo is too complex, it really annoying to setup if you guy alot of farm villages.
You should add so that you can select barbs and then send a set amout of troups to all villages as soon as you havnt got an attack at the village.

What i mean is.
The bot should recognize the map and which villages that are barbs, and then you set a set amount of troops (i.e 5 LC or 10 spears/5 axes) the bot will automatically send out 'set troops' to each village that is closest to you and thats not already under your attack, untill youre out of 'set troops'.
When an attack occures the bot will recognize this and check for 'set troops' and send them to attack that village again and do this over and over.

You need to add a "block" feature for barbs that you dont want to farm aswell tho, so that it skips those villages and takes the 2nd closest instead.
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Re: Suggestion to the farmbot

Postby bryann » 13 Jun 2014, 2:30

Yeah I agree with this addition, could be worded a little better though :P

Instead of the current way when you select multiple villages from the map tab and it sends one attack then waits for that attack to return, you should allow attacks on each village selected simultaneously instead of having to set up an attack for each village individually.

I know you can remove automatic timing calculating and put in your own but this still only sends one attack at a time and waits for those troops to return.

Actually, already is there lol
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