Sending Fakes

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Sending Fakes

Postby Kioniv » 13 Aug 2016, 9:09

I watched the video on how to send fakes, and it doesn't seem useful/efficient. There are much easier and effective ways of sending fakes "legitimately". A built in feature for sending fakes would be really nice. If you just selected from a list of your villages (i.e. ctrl or shift + click a list, not select one at a time which would take forever mid-late game) you wanted to send from and input/select villages on map to fake and then there were some options for how often to send/how many troops/what troops and such.

This feature would then (based on settings) select one of your villages and one enemy village randomly and send a fake. Or one to each enemy village from each of yours. Or go through each of your villages and send 1 fake to 5 random villages in that list, or 1 to 5 fakes to 1 to 5 random villages etc etc.
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Re: Sending Fakes

Postby khalon » 19 Aug 2016, 13:04

I second this. Great suggestion. Faking is stupidly hard in its current form.

If the above suggestion is implemented, then it would be great.
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Re: Sending Fakes

Postby Kioniv » 05 Sep 2016, 2:49

Bumping this. Would love to see it implemented!
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Re: Sending Fakes

Postby MaytheBotbewithyou » 04 Dec 2016, 0:50


hex why has this not been done yet
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Re: Sending Fakes

Postby is23jon » 14 Apr 2017, 10:37

*bump .

it's really needed. it's a war game not just for farming and point whoring

in the left panel: all your villages
in the right panel: search a player by name, list all his villages (ability to select them by K or points)
army package: group 1 OR group 2 or group 3 (the ability to customise 3 groups to send. EX: 1sword+1scout OR 1ram+1scout or * for all troops)
in the top panel: time: random 1 to X seconds (to send troops)
max attacks from 1 village

hope it'll help :)
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