Improving Backtime dodging

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Improving Backtime dodging

Postby Kioniv » 23 Aug 2016, 4:35

Hi Hex. I just watched the video on backtime dodging. I am really glad to see the feature implemented and the option added that allows for it.

If I understand correctly, the bot currently will open a process for the attack, fill troops, click attack and click ok which of course causes a bit of delay. Would it be more effective for the bot to use the same technique a human would use for quick dodging?

Using the "attack again with all troops" from the report of a farming run on a nearby barb, you can create a script for the quick bar or browser keyboard shortcut such as:


If the bot used this method there would be one fast step where it runs this "script" (link to confirmation page) and immediately clicks send, reducing the delay. It could also be set to cancel the sent attack within [Interval set by user] after it is sent. :D
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Re: Improving Backtime dodging

Postby jonas » 23 Aug 2016, 20:26

A lot of the stuff would be better if it did it like humans do them.

Farming e.g.
Can't see why it would be hard to implement a "send FA"-feature that runs through the FA reports and sends out the attacks. The bot would be less time dependant and way harder to be detected.
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