Ifarmer updates that are a must!

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Ifarmer updates that are a must!

Postby pille2 » 06 Oct 2016, 18:47

1. So ifarmer is really u reliable due to the face that you canse the interval to 1 which should be once every one minute but it still sends with 1-random time, if i set it to 1 it should start the ifarmer once every minute if it doesnt you fall behind erayl game.

2. send accurate amount of troops, if i want to sen 2 spears and 2 swords to farm the early game it should sent ju stat not 2 spears and 6 swords etc, because that will waste troops when all the villages are 0-close to 0 resources.

3. it somethimes attacks the same village with several attacks when 1 in and 1 out should be maxed per village

4. select the closest village first, always if a village 1 sqm is not attacked it should select and send on that village before 3,4,5 sqms etc
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