Ifarmer problem

Errors occurring during use the bot

Ifarmer problem

Postby Shurubel » 19 Dec 2015, 4:25

Hi, i'm receiving This error constantly
Intelligent Farmer - 001SF (xxx|yyy). Farmed village disabled - Sat bonus (xxx|yyy). Can not confirm send army. Error message: -

Why? how can i fix it?
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Re: Ifarmer problem

Postby thedude » 03 Jan 2016, 21:43

maybe you just have to see if you can send manually.

i could be that the target is not attakable. (less points, less units etc.)
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Re: Ifarmer problem

Postby Apples » 13 Jan 2016, 16:00

I get the same error. Ive also noticed that after leaving the bot on overnight almost all my lc are back in my village and most of my farms in my farm list are inactive. Why does that happen? im not losing troops and i have the disable village if wall is detected box unchecked. Sad to say but the loot assistant and a co player is 100x better at looting resources than the bot currently :(
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Re: Ifarmer problem

Postby Sanderl » 14 Jan 2016, 2:04

Yeah I have the same problem too. :(
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Re: Ifarmer problem

Postby Henginsen » 15 Jan 2016, 3:24

I have same problem too and I noticed that especially you both farm villages with sending army and IFarmer, for example every 1 min with 3 LC, this errors shows up more and deactivates more villages from both IFarmer and SArmy section. So its likely to because of spamming, or as you do that you get high CPU usage, computer cannot handle it so program deactivates, I dont know.
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Re: Ifarmer problem

Postby alex321 » 15 Jan 2016, 19:10

high CPU usage and high usage of RAM
try to kill the process of the main window(WWW) and open it again
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Re: Ifarmer problem

Postby Kickazz080 » 29 Apr 2019, 19:11

bump @hexbot
why is this still happening :(
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Re: Ifarmer problem

Postby hex4bot » 18 Jun 2019, 21:33

it shouldn't be a problem with CPU or RAM - that's for sure, do you have any info in logs? if it says: Can not confirm send army. then it couldn't get into the confirmation of sending army, the screen after you input army units and click send, I will have to take a closer look. If you will set higher interval, does bot still turn off villages?
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