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Solve Update Issue

Postby BenBenson » 24 Feb 2019, 18:54

Hi guys, in case you are wondering why the bot is so out of sync currently it's due to the updates to the game.
Since the creator of the bot isn't really paying attention or responding to either posts nor E-Mail I'd suggest that all of us refund on Paypal at once.
This way he has to react and fix the bot, otherwhise he won't get any money.

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Re: Solve Update Issue

Postby hex4bot » 24 Feb 2019, 21:18

Hi Ben,

What you say it's partly true. I don't check email every day, the same applies to paypal. I don't have time to check it every day. Usually I do that on weekly basis, and sometimes when I'm very busy then even every 2 weeks.

Usually when the game is updated, there is some delay until new bot version is released. It happens to all bots I've ever used. Some updates were quick to fix, other took few days or weeks.

In any case, please download new version 2.030 which fixes the latest update problem.

Thank you
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