Bot has an obsession with strongholds

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Bot has an obsession with strongholds

Postby wipeout » 23 Jun 2019, 6:27

So a stronghold recently popped up in the area of a few of my bots and ever since then(the stronghold is not part of any farming list or anything) the bots are just obsessed with it constantly sending troops(lower then the min troop package) to hit that stronghold this comes from accounts part of that tribe(where the stronghold belongs to) and from those outside of it resulting in all troops being killed off when i noticed it(after 2 days of them obsessing over it)

I have cleared all logs resetup everything and the bots continue to send random troop amounts (5 swordsman or 8 spearfighters and random stuff like that) so im wondering is it using the stronghold as a way to check time or is it a random bug?
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